“15 Years After Our Baby, My Wife Said It Wasn’t Mine And Left Me For The Real Dad” -Man Cries Out

Another sad story that is trending on social media, a man opens ups on what he went through to take care of someone’s child thinking he is the father.

Love and family are supposed to be the bedrock of society, but sometimes, they can lead to the most unexpected and devastating outcome. Edward, a Ghanaian man, has narrated a heartbreaking experience that he suffered at and hands of his wife and family.

“15 years after having our child together, my wife came to me to convince me to send her to America because she will have a better life. I agreed and allowed her to send the child, thinking she will return soon. But I rather received a call from her mother, saying that my wife had relocated to join the real father of the child in the US,” he said.

If you are in his situation, what will you do? or what will be your reaction;

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