A$AP Rocky Taken On Baby Duties For Rihanna To Prepare For Super Bowl Halftime Show

A$AP Rocky has reportedly taken on baby duties so Rihanna could focus on her rehearsals for the upcoming show. A$AP Rocky is all supportive of baby mama as the superstar prepares to headline the Super Bowl Halftime show.

According to a source, “A$AP Rocky has been so supportive of her in helping her to decide to do this.” The source added that Rihanna is “feeling great” as she gets ready for her much-awaited show.

Another source revealed that “They are in the very early planning stages and she wants to make sure that her vision is carried out with every single detail.”

Amid preparations for the show, Rocky is doing everything to alleviate Rihanna’s stress. According to the source, A$AP Rocky made it clear to her lover that “Whether that be to watch the baby day and night so she can rehearse, he got her back.”

These two love birds were truly meant to be.

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