Abena Cilla Grábs The Attèntiøn Of Guys With Høt Phøtos Showing Her Heàvy Børtoz-(See Photos)

Ghanaian model, TikTok star, and social media influencer Abena Cilla drops photos of herself causing a lot of traffic on social media. The model is showing the world how gifted she is, anytime she steps out all the guys turned to watch her three to four times before she disappears.

There was a competition between Abena Cilla and Hajia Bintu to whether who had the biggest børtos but is difficult to decide who wins.

This is a type of bødy that can take your attention completely from whatever you are doing. If this kind of sl@y queen gets hold of your bøyfriénd or husbánd, then you better forget about getting him back.

She always confuses guys on social media, take a look at these photos;

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