Abena Cilla Has Taken Over The Internet With Some Gigantic Photos Showing Her Big Bortos-See Photos

Ghanaian model, and social media influencer, Abena Cilla has taken social media by surprise. Currently, the most talk-about Ghanaian on social media is Hajia Bintu who has been cønfusíng with her photos and videos.

Bintu is noted for its curväcêoøus bødy and huge bàcksíde. Bintu recently proved to Ghanaians that her huge bácksíde is all-natural as she dropped some photos of hers.

Abena Cilla who is a fashion model, actress, video vixen, content creator, and brand influencer has taken over Hajia’s shine with her videos and photos.

Abena Cilla has over 267k followers on her Instagram page where she shares her videos and photos with.

Check out these beautiful photos of the model.

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