Abena Korkor Has Done It Again, Shows R@w T0t0 In A New Video-(Watch Video)

Abena Korkor is trending along side Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson after she claimed in her new documentary that she got pregnãnt for Sarkodie but they tërminäted it.

Abena Korkor shøws off new fîgure as returned to social media after a long break of going offline.

Over the past few months, the Ghanaian mental health advocate unusually disappeared on social media to the surprise of many. Less was known about Abena Korkor’s absence from social media as she didn’t inform her followers about her break.

Some concerned fans have been asking about the whereabouts of the former TV3 presenter and finally, there is an answer.

In a new social media post, it appears that Abena Korkor took the break to work on herself as a new video she has posted shows that she has healthily lost weight. The outspøken yet contrøversial mental health advocate is yet to speak about her break.

But to our surprise nothing has changed, she is as the same as she was before. People thought she will change after taking such a long break but clearly nothing changes.

Abena Korkor is on the top of the trending list after she intentiønally shøwed her r@w tøtø in a video. Netizens have massively reacted to the video. The video goes agäinst the pølicy of this site so it can’t be posted here, but we’ll find a way for everyone to get the video.

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