After Playing With Lionel Messi In World Cups, This Player Now Reveals Why He Didn’t Congratulate Messi

One of Messi’s great teammates in the Argentine national team told the reason why he did not congratulate Messi after the Qatar World Cup.

Lionel Messi has already returned to PSG after the feat of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In that sense, the Argentine is already preparing to face the second challenge of the season with PSG.

However, it is now revealed one of the reasons why a former teammate of Messi in the national team did not congratulate him after winning the World Cup.

Carlos Tevez is one of the historic scorers of the Argentine national team and one of the most lethal strikers ever to have existed in Europe. Now, after his retirement, the soccer player has revealed the reason why he did not congratulate Messi after winning the World Cup in Qatar.

In an interview with Radio Mitre, Carlos confessed that he did not fully follow the 2022 World Cup. In that sense, the player has communicated that he did not congratulate Messi due to the fact that he through that the player’s mobile was going to explode in that sense.

The former player after his retirement started his career as a coach, however, he did not continue with Rosario Central after some unexpected results and currently assures that he is not looking for something related to soccer for the moment, as he feels “exhausted”.

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