Amber Heard And Her Alleged Secret Billionaire Sēx Parties Revealed

Shocking news about American actress, Amber Heard that her fans would not believe is true. This is probably one of the most shocking Amber stories that have come out after the trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

According to rumors, billionaires who are among the most powerful men in the world had private sēx parties with Amber Heard. Jessica Reed Kraus, who has been conducting in-depth research into Amber Heard’s past, revealed this, and it is interesting and shocking as well.

The report details the sēx parties Amber attended with some of the wealthiest men in the world and billionaires. It does seem as though it was taken directly from the film Eyes Wide Shut.

The report claims that Heard not only attended these parties but also actively courted other women to attend them. Men are said to have prostrated themselves before her while she was seated on a throne.

According to the report, “tech gods, capitalists, founders, top executives, and up-and-coming entrepreneurs gathering roughly once a month for wild evenings fueled by alcøhol, sēx, and cøpious amounts of MDMA”.

Images of Amber Heard from some of these private events were also included in the report.

According to the article, it was claimed that Amber quickly gained favor with the group because “she had a knáck for reeling in other young struggling actresses to work as escorts and make appearances or perform at these events for guests.

Amber Heard’s ex, Tasha Van Ree, reportedly attended one of these early sēx parties. Cara Delevingne was reportedly one of the celebrities who attended these parties, the article also stated.

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