Asake Accused Of Losing Touch With Fan Base As Fame Grows

In a recent social media outburst, a Nigerian man known as Mr Shizzy has called out Afrobeats sensation Asake, accusing him of neglecting his fanbase and failing to engage with them on various platforms.

Mr Shizzy reminisced about the early days of Asake’s career, where the artist actively interacted with fans through funny promos, dance challenges, and social media interactions.

However, the fan claims that as Asake gained more popularity, he began to disregard his fanbase, abstaining from retweeting their posts or organizing giveaways.

According to Mr Shizzy’s tweets, Asake’s promotional efforts and fan interactions have reportedly dwindled since his rise to stardom.

The disgruntled fan noted that it is the support and assistance of fellow artist Olamide that has allowed Asake to maintain some level of engagement with his fans online.

While Asake’s debut album ‘Mr Money With The Vibe‘ has been enjoying global success, Mr Shizzy laments that the artist has not been participating in interviews or interactive sessions with his fans.

Drawing a comparison between Asake and Olamide, Mr Shizzy commended Olamide’s dedication to his fans, explaining that the established artist used to acknowledge his fanbase for approximately eight years before easing off.

Mr Shizzy implored Asake to increase his promotional efforts by conducting more interviews and taking a more aggressive approach in promoting his music, emphasizing that Olamide’s support might not always be available.

The fan’s message suggests that Asake’s lack of involvement and indifference towards his own project is concerning, considering his upcoming show at O2 in a few months.

Mr Shizzy encouraged Asake to engage in both local and international interviews, as well as actively promote his songs, emphasizing that now is not the time to relax but to intensify efforts for his project.

It remains to be seen whether the artist will address the concerns raised by his disillusioned fan and take steps to reconnect with his fanbase.

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