Before Retiring From Football, Zlatan Ibrahimovic Said These 13 Things

As the saying goes ‘once a soldier always a soldier ‘ Zlatan Ibrahimovic knows who he is and what he wanted to do before starting football.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic said these 13 things before retiring from football.

1. “Lions don’t compare themselves with humans”

2. “I don’t follow football Football is following me

3.” I came as a king and left as a legend”

4. “If i had to choose between Lingard OR Jones, I will happily choose OR”

5. “My career didn’t need coaches to be successful instead coaches need me to make their careers to succeed and their dreams come true”

6. Journalist : How do you feel after scoring that goal?

Zlatan : Ask the goal how it felt to be scored by me

7. “I don’t control the ball but the ball control itself for me”

8. “When I look myself in the mirror there’s no reflection of myself because there can’t be two Zlatan”

9. Reporter : Zlatan you consider yourself as a Lion while Messi and Ronaldo are humans but they have many Ballon’dors but you don’t have it why?

Zlatan : I don’t care about individual trophies , if I wanted them I would’ve played golf

10. “When he was leaving his home he told his father that ” you’re now the man of the house”

11. “If you invite me to your house , you’re my guest ”

12. “I use my two legs to play football but i use my whole body to score a goal”

13. “When Zlatan is late for training , players get punished for being early”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic said on Sunday he had decided to end his football career aged 41. The striker’s AC Milan contract expires at the end of June and he had already announced he would not be renewing it following an injury-plagued season.

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