Black Sherif Has Revealed A Shøcking Hardship In His Past

I didn’t have a constant home after my mom left to Greece when I was 10 years old – Black Sherif

Black Sherif, the popular music artist from Ghana, has candidly discussed the obstacles he encountered during his early years when his mother departed, leaving him to reside with his father in Greece. This separation had a profound effect on him, shaping his character and intensifying his resolve to conquer adversity.

In a conversation with Okay Africa, the talented musician behind the chart-topping track “Kweku Frimpong” narrated a compelling tale of resilience and victory while reminiscing about his upbringing in the lively Konongo Zongo community.

“I didn’t have a constant home after my mom left,” he confessed

“I used to be very timid as I grew up with my mom. The people in my community were very crazy. She would tell me ‘Don’t go outside.’ You know, ‘we are not like these people,” he said of his childhood.

“When my mom left me, I started getting bullied and I didn’t have no one to go to. You understand me? I needed to adopt some craziness.” Black Sherif shared.

“I kind of talk for a frustrated figure in the city, a frustrated boy,” Sherif explains. “I’m not from the city, but I live in the city. I came to chase a life and dream there. From love to entertainment to survival. Driving out there, I’m testing my limits.”


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