Bongo Ideas Has A Message For American Vice President Kamala Harris

Self-claimed social media blogger and journalist Albert, known everywhere as Bongo Ideas has a message for the Vice President of the United State of America.

Bongo Ideas took to social media pleading with the Vice President Kamala D. Harris to take us ‘Ghanaians’ back home because the country has been destrøyed the sélfîsh leaders.

“Hello, @VP Kamala Harris, kindly make the visa application flexible so some of us can successfully relocate to our dream home, the USA. Thank you.”-He twitted.

He continued in another tweet that close to million of Ghanaians want to leave the country due to the sélfîsh leaders who are controlling the it.

“Close to a million people want to leave this God-forsaken Ghana that has been hopelessly destrøyed  by sélfîsh leaders. You can even put us on a cargo plane and send us back home, and we wont’ complain at all.

The only thing I’m øbsessed about is the United States of America. Fuccccc it! I’ll be there soon.”-he added

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