Breaking: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Wife Georgina Rodriguez Called Out For Showing ‘Arrogant Attitude’

Georgina Rodriguez called out for showing ‘arrogant attitude’
Georgina Rodriguez called out for showing ‘arrogant attitude

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez was recently called out by a social media model for showing an‘ arrogant attitude’.

Georgina has long remained in the news thanks to her romance with the football star however the influencer was recently the subject of scathing criticism.

After getting slammed by her sister, Georgina was called out by Paola Saulino who explained: “I prefer the humility of the Moroccan player’s mother to the haughty and arrogant attitude of Rodriguez.”

“She only has to thank Ronaldo for not being a shop assistant,” she snapped.

“Now she wants to talk about football by commenting on the Portugal coach’s choices as if she knew about tactics and formations.”

This comes after the mum of two was slammed by her sister Patricia who accused Georgina of “is ashamed of me and laughs and rejoices at my current economic situation.”

During her appearance on the Telecinco program Socialite, Patricia said that the model makes fun of her.

“I am not a person who likes confrontation or getting angry with her. I think we have to talk about what happened and put an end to this situation.”

“At no time have I ever asked Georgina for money, the only thing I did was ask for help for my children,” she shared.

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