Breaking News: Cristiano Ronaldo Causes An Earthquake Within Portugal Camp

A Portuguese media outlet claims that Cristiano Ronaldo threatened to leave the training camp. While Portugal may have thumped Switzerland 6-1 during their round of 16 games at the 2022 World Cup, their captain Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly isn’t happy with being left out of the team.

Following his acrimonious departure from Manchester United, Ronaldo now has to contend with playing the role of a substitute with his national team as well.

This has not gone down well with the superstar who, according to the Portuguese publication Record, threatened to leave the training camp.

This what the article which was headlined “Ronaldo threatened to leave” said about the superstar;

“In the heat of conversation with the coach, when he found out that he would not be in the starting 11… he thought of the worst,” a sentence from the Record article reads.

However, the publication also goes on to clarify that Ronaldo calmed down after the initial shock and understood the ramifications of following through on that threat at such a crucial juncture.

The Portuguese Football Federation has denied the story entirely, stating Ronaldo never threatened to leave the training session or tournament.

Following Wednesday’s day off, the Portuguese team opted to split their team in two with the starters training in the gym and the substitutes conducting various drills on the training ground.

Ronaldo, though, was absent from the sessions despite the Portuguese assuring everyone that he had no injury problems.

Another who was extremely upset with the decision not to start Ronaldo was his partner Georgina Rodriguez.

“What a shame not to have been able to enjoy the best player in the world for 90 minutes,” Rodriguez wrote in a social media post.

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