Breaking News: France Superstar Is Set To Miss The World Cup Final

France has been dealt another blow to their squad as star winger, Kinsley Coman falls ill

Although you wouldn’t notice it, France’s squad has been decimated by injury and now illness.

If having four first-team players ruled out due to injury wasn’t bad enough, France has now been hit with a virus labeled ‘the camel’. 

Adrien Rabiot and Dayot Upamecano were regular starters in the French squad up until the semi-final. They were ruled out due to illness and had to watch their team beat Morocco on the sidelines. 

According to Didier Descamps, Coman has fallen victim to the same virus. 

“Coman also had a fever this morning.” The French manager revealed to the Daily Mail.

“In Doha, the temperatures have dropped a bit and you still have the air conditioning on all the time. We have had a few cases of flu-like symptoms.

“We are trying to be careful so that it does not spread and the players have put in a great effort on the pitch and their immune systems suffer.”

Deschamps explained that Upamecano fell ill after ‘exerting’ himself against England and stated that the team will take all the ‘necessary precautions’ to stop the virus from spreading.

“Dayot Upamecano felt bad immediately after the game against England. It happens when you exert yourself so much, your body weakens and you are more prone to getting these viruses.

“We’re taking all the necessary precautions, we’re trying to make sure it doesn’t spread, but viruses are of course infectious and we have to take precautions against them.”

France will face Argentina in the World Cup final on Sunday evening and will hope to have a fully fit squad. 

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