BREAKING NEWS: Two Of The Biggest Premier League Superstars Who Are Gay And Dating Each Other Have Been Revealed

Premier League duo are in a couple and open about it with teammates, could go public in Channel 4 documentary


Two Premier League players are in a couple and have come out as gay to their teammates, but not yet publicly.

Still, reports suggest the Premier League footballers in question could come out in a documentary currently in production with Channel 4.

This follows Gary Lineker recently claiming he was aware of two Premier League players who were thinking of coming out as gay soon.

A source said: “They did not see the need to hide from their teammates — and why should they?

“No one was remotely bothered about it and they had the backing of the manager and the hierarchy at the club.

“But they decided not to come out publicly — although neither are ashamed and it could happen down the line.

“During the the season they wanted to concentrate on their football.

“While making a statement would positive, it could take their attention away from their performances on the pitch.

“Their teammates have also been told not to say anything publicly to protect their privacy.”


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