Broken-hearted Man Sends Message To Girlfriend Who Dumped Him After Helping Her Travel To South Africa-Watch Video

A young man narrates how he helped a struggling lady who is allegedly jumping from man to man. According to the man, the lady was struggling in the village and what she will eat was even a problem for her.

He felt pity for the lady so he brought the lady to the national capital, Accra. They have been together for many many years and he flies the lady to South Africa to stay with him there.

They planned to get married so they got engaged, and now the lady is showing him attitude.

The lady has now packed and moved out of his house because she has gotten another man.

This is very painful, the man put together some pictures to send a message to the lady in case she remembers where she comes from. He made a slide video with the pictures and posted it on Tiktok hoping the lady sees it.

Watch the video

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