Cristiano Ronaldo And Georgina Rodriguez Are Suffering-A TV Actress Ferreira Says

Ronaldo and Rodriguez have been together since the former met the latter at a Gucci retail store in Madrid in 2016. The pair have five children together, with Rodriguez being the biological mother to two of them.

There have recently been unfounded rumors that the couple’s seven-year relationship is about to end. Ferreira, though, has come to the pair’s defense, saying that differences are common in relationships. The TV actress added that she feels bad for the couple and reckons there is a conspiracy against them.

“Look, I’m starting to feel sorry (for Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez) – that you shouldn’t feel sorry for anyone – but I’m starting to feel sorry for this couple because what they are suffering is a great, great persecution,” Ferreira said (via Hiper FM). “Because who doesn’t have crises? In a relationship, who doesn’t argue? What couple doesn’t have a little argument? It was a month ago, now did you remember?”

Ferreira also extended her support to Rodriguez amidst criticism about her extravagant lifestyle.

“Poor thing, she (Georgina Rodriguez) is arrested for having a dog and for not having one: either she lives off it or flaunts it because she is doing the series on Netflix,” Ferreira added. “Poor thing, she is also in a somewhat difficult position, and knowing how the world of football is, she is in a really difficult situation.”

The actress pointed out that Ronaldo is going through a tough phase in his career as well.

“They had a very big change in their lives at all levels, even the fact that they went to Saudi Arabia changed everything, that’s all. And then, on a professional level, things are not going well for him (Cristiano Ronaldo). He likes to be the best, he fights and works to be the best and he can see that time is running out for him (…) and he is not well, it is perfectly clear that he is not well, even by the attitudes he takes on the field.”

Although there are claims that there is a rift between Ronaldo and Rodriguez, there has not been an issue in the public eye.

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