Cristiano Ronaldo Has A Little Of That, Messi Has Nothing- Legendary Portuguese Coach Claims

“Maradona was the best player ever, along with Pele. Pele’s still here, he’s alive [the interview was done before Pele’s death in December 2022]. Maradona was greater, not just because he was a genius but because of how he showed it. That makes the difference, for me. He was absolutely world-class but he had a passion for the game. He was born to be a footballer, he was born with everything.”

“It was not a product of work, he was born like that. But he still loved having the ball. Today, among the best two in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo has a little of that. Messi has nothing. He doesn’t have any passion. Messi is a great player. But we’re talking about life and feelings, having passion for the game and for football. I think Maradona was above anyone in that regard.”

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo may be moving closer to the end of their respective careers but they still remain influential in the sport. The Argentine has overcome his slow start to life at PSG and has become a pivotal figure for the club, recording 18 goals and 16 assists to his name in 29 games so far this season.

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The Portuguese icon, meanwhile, has bagged eight goals and two assists for Al Nassr in two games since joining the Saudi Arabian side in the winter.

Lionel Messi has settled GOAT debate with Cristiano Ronaldo following World Cup triumph, claims pundit

The Argentine has won it all in football.
The Argentine has won it all in football.

Football pundit Paul Merson has claimed that the PSG forward has finally earned the edge over his Al Nassr counterpart in the GOAT debate after leading Argentina to claim the World Cup in Qatar last year.

Merson wrote in his column for the Daily Star:

“For me, Messi has already settled the Cristiano Ronaldo debate. I used to be split down the middle but Messi and Maradona possess the most natural talent I have ever seen in my entire life. They were born with it. If Messi wasn’t, the coach who taught him in Argentina at six years old is the best coach in history.”

“Ronaldo has had to work so hard to get where he is but Messi is just a complete and utter freak of nature. Yet still, he has taken his natural talent to the limit over the course of his career.”

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