Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Took Fans Breath Away With Some Adorable Photos Shared On Instagram

Georgina Rodriguez who is the captivating and glamorous girlfriend of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The duo’s love story has has us all infatuated for quite some time now after following their high life posts on social media but underneath all glitz and the glamour.

28-year-old Spanish model, dancer, and mother to Cristiano Ronaldo’s four children Alana Martina, Cristiano Jr, Eva and Mateo. She has over 30 million followers thanks to dating the most followed man on Instagram.

The model shared shared some stunning photos of herself on social media which her fans can’t stop commenting on her beauty and also reposting the photos to other social media platforms.

Georgina now lives a life that most people could only dream about, this does not seem to have changed her truly genuine character. Her kindness is still evident and remains by bringing joy through her charity work to many other less fortunate people around the world.

Check out these stunning photos of the model.

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