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Croatian Model, Ivana Knoll, World Cup Séxíest Fan Causes Stîr With Impressîve Dance Moves

Beautiful Croatian model, Ivana Knoll who is named the world Cup sèx!est fan has stirred reactions with her pigeon dance.

The model who was the finalist at the Miss Croatian in 2016 was at the stadium early today for her country’s World Cup semifinal match against Argentina.

Her country, Croatia lost to Argentina by 3-0 after goals from Lionel Messi and Julian Alvarez.

Ivana was well dressed and looked very beautiful while dancing the pigeon dance in her røom.

Her dance gathered màssive reactions on the video streaming platform, TikTok with over a million views.

As she pøsed with a Mexican supporter who had embraced Croatia after his own nation’s elimination from the group round, Knoll, a former finalist in the search for Miss Croatia 2016, was spotted bløwing kîsses to the audience.

Stadium security attémpted to prevent Knoll from pøsing for photos with fans before Croatia’s World Cup quarterfinal match against Brazil on Friday, but it appears they did not make that attempt this time.

Some individuals in Qatar have already assérted that rather than viewing their photographs of Knoll as a gesture of admiràtion for the scàntily clad 30-year-old, folks just took them since they disapproved of the way she was dréssed.

While women are generally expected to cøver their shoulders in Qatar, Knoll’s shoulders are vîsible in Lusail.

As a result of her escapádes in Qatar, the 5’11 diva has now racked up over 2.5 million Instagram followers, winning fans all around the world for her attitude and steadfast support of Luka Modric’s Croatia.

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