Dr. Bawumia Pledges To Give All SHS Students Free Tablets This Year

The Vice President of Ghana Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia has disclosed that a One SHS student one Tablet programme will begin this year. This when rolled out for SHS students will see receiving tablets loaded with textbooks.

This is part of the government’s effort toward the digitalization of the education sector in Ghana.

According to him, the tablets to be given to second-cycle school students will be preloaded with all essential textbooks and learning materials.

The Vice President made this known at this year’s New Year’s School at the University of Ghana, Legon.

“This year we are on course to provide all Senior High School students in Ghana with tablets that are loaded with textbooks on them for their studies. That’s a very game-changing development. We will have past questions preloaded on these tablets that will be distributed,” he said.

The One SHS student One Tablets programme will target only students in public SHSs across the country.

The one-teacher one-laptop which is the teacher’s version has been rolled out with laptobs being distributed to teachers at the pre-tertiary level.

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