Efia Odo Shows Ràw Tøtø In A New Video-(Watch the Video)

Ghanaian actress and social media influencer, Efia Odo is now trending on all social media platforms. She is trying her best to gain the atténtion of netizens to make her song go viral.

Efia Odo who is known for her excellent career in the entertainment industry, with her real name being Andrea Owusu, is now on social media séllíng her bødy for fame.

Efia Odo earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Nyack College/University. In the United States of America, after she completed her studies, she became a nurse assistant, but soon returned home to Ghana to pursue her passion for acting, radio, and television.

With all these great things she is now on social media stríppīng for attention.

Watch the video



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