Even Jesus Christ Cannot Save Ghana If He Becomes Our President-Kwabena Kwabena

Ghanaian music George Kwabena Adu popularly known as Kwabena Kwabena has said that the caliber of of politicians we have in the helms of affairs backed by the 1992 constitution means even if Jesus Christ becomes our president, there is nothing he can do to save the masses.

Kwabena was a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) but now no more. He campaigned for the party for so many years but now he realized ‘all politicians are the same’.

“Our 1992 constitution, which was drafted and used for 30 years, will compel political parties not to be truthful to Ghanaians. If you look at the beneficiaries, salaries, incentives, and other things like meeting allowances, this is not service. “It is not service to the nation but rather the nation serving you.

We have to sit down as Ghanaians and look into that. The 1992 constitution needs serious amendment. That’s my opinion”.-said, Kwabena Kwabena

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