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FDA Warns Public About Dangerous Foreign Eyedrop Brands After They Blinded 8 People And K!ills 3 Others

A warning to all eye drop users in Ghana! Food and Drug Authority has issue a statement regarding contaminated eye drop brands that could lead to blindness. Due to blindness outbreak they have started in the US over a contaminated eyedrop, the FDA is urging the Ghanaian public to avoid two brands of eye drops.

The FDA has named the eyedrops “Ezriccare Artificial Tears” and Delsam Pharma’s Artificial Tears.” The FDA has explained that it does not believe the eyedrops are available in Ghana, but it does emphasize that anyone who obtained these eyedrops in any other way should not use them.

The FDA deserves praise for its quick alert. This news is especially alarming as eye drops are a common and essential product for those with eye conditions or allergies. It’s a remainder always to be cautious about the products we use randomly purchase from trusted sources.

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