Ghanaian Man Shares S@d Story About How His Girlfriend Treated Him

A young Ghanaian man who has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for many years shares his s@d story about how his girlfriend treated her after promising her Gh3,000 for a birthday party.

The guy was ready to fulfill his promise to the lady until unexpected news hits him. He tried everything he can but the money wasn’t enough for the birthday party and his unexpected issue.

So he shared what he was going through for a piece of advice from netizens.

‘My mother passed away and am the only one working in my family. I have a funeral cover but it won’t be enough to cover the funeral expenses, so I  applied for loans and asked friends to help here and there.

With all the stresses I’m going through, my girlfriend has been on my case about her birthday party which is supposed to happen in three weeks. She wants 3000gh to throw the party. I made a promise to give her that money but I didn’t know we would have a funeral at home.

One would have expected her to understand that I’m mourning and financially stressed but all she is obsessed about is her birthday party. She sulks whenever I tell her to allow me a space to bury my mother with dignity. I am confused! Guy, what do I do now?” he wrote.

He is currently left to decide what to do to settle both cases at the same time.

Share your thought by commenting, and if you have any advice for him let it out we need every hand we can get.

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