God Has Spoken To Me, He Says He’ll Resurrect Christian Atsu-Prayerful Deacon Says

A Ghanaian man has sparked outrage after visiting the late Christian Atsu’s family home to deliver a message he claims God gave him about the late Newcastle player.

In an interview with Ghana News TV on YouTube, Deacon Francis Asare Amegavi, who lives in Tamale in the Northern Region, claimed that God asked him to inform the Newcastle player’s family that their loved one could be raised from the dead.

“What he (God) has actually revealed to me is that when we come together as a nation and not as separate entities and pray for repentance, he is going to show us glory, that is raising him, Atsu, from the dead.

I told a pastor about what God has told me, and he said that he also had a vision where Ghanaians were praying fervently in an open space with the late player lying in state,” he said.

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