Hajia 4 Real Reportedly Extradited To US In $2M Romance Scam, She Will Face These Punishment If She Is Guilty

Hajia4Real has been extradited from the United Kingdom to the United States Of America for allegedly defräuding elderly, single American men and women out  of over $2 million in a dëpraved lonely hearts scäm.

According to information by Federal prosecutors, the Ghanaian musician appeared in the federal court in Manhattan on Monday for her alleged involvement in several romànce scäms.

According to the prosecution, Hajia 4 Real’s romance scäm targeted elderly and single Americans who were living alone.

Hajia 4 Real is likely to face more than 30 years in jail if she is found guilty.

In a report seen by pulse.com.gh, ‘she entered a not-guilty plea to the allegations, and according to her attorney, she will be released in the upcoming days on a $500,000 bail with GPS monitoring via an ankle monitor’.

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