He Impregn@ted 2 Of My Maids, Married Both The Same Day – Kyiri Abosom’s Wife Speaks

The wife of the trending reverend Christian Kwabena Andrews, popularly known as Osofo Kyiri Abosom has spoken about why she chose to sep@rate from her husband.

Princess Andrews has her side of the story after her husband himself admitted to his church members that he committed àdult3ry and had a child outside the marriage.

Speaking in an interview on GHPage, she disclosed that the founder of Life Assembly Worship Centre brought chàos to their matrimønial home after he che@ted on her with two of their housemaids, imprégnáted and secretly married both of them on the same day.

“My husband has fathered a child with none other than two of my maids. He secretly married both of them on the same day. I had no idea what my husband had done. Both women went through IVF. He did it for both of our housemaids”. she said.

She also allege that her husband is a chronic cheát who slééps with every woman that crosses his path, including church members.

“There’s been separation for the past year; I won’t call it divørce. We have three children; the firstborn was adopted, and the twins are ours. We have a tall list of issues, but since the matter is in court, I don’t want to grant interviews.”

The pastor who is seeking to become president of Ghana has been trending on social media for the past few days following his announcement while preaching to his congregation, that his wife has divørced him.

“My wife has left and for over a year now, we do not see her in church. She says she has a prøblem with me having a daughter out of our marriage. She has sued me but the court said since we did not màrry there, they cannot handle it.

She also wants to take custødy of the children. She asked the court to sack all my maids so I’ve sácked them. When you meet your gøssipíng friends and they complain about your Pastor’s wife, tell them they are no longer married,” Kyiri Abosom said.

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