I Have Found Love And Friendship In One Person – Delay Declares, Find Out Who

Entrepreneur, television and radio show host, producer, public speaker and Women’s Advocate Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay declares she has found love and friendship in one person.

One of the few well-known figures, Delay who people are curious about the man she is seeing in a rømantic relationship are always kept in the dark.

We may all remember the rumors that the well-known host was having an affair with rapper Amerado, which occasionally held true  and frequently did not.

After telling Delay face to face that she is his type and he would like to move in with her, Dr. Likee is the next man on the suspect list.

A few days after Dr. Likee publicly proposed marriage on her show, Delay claimed to have discovered love and friendship in one person in another ambiguous post intended to mislead those attempting to figure out her love life.

Ghanaians are curious to know the person that Delay has fallen in love with.

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