I Have Never Slëpt With My Producer For Role But They Wanted To Make Use Of My Bôdy-Bimbo Ademoye

Bimbo Ademoye, a well-known actress in Nigeria, has said that she has never slépt with a producer in exchange for a position. In an exclusive interview with Sun Newspaper, the actress made the revelation. She claims that her older colleague Uduak Isong was instrumental in helping her break into the Nigerian film industry.

She shared that while many actors have had difficulties since entering the industry, she has had nothing but good fortune thus far. She said that several directors and producers had asked to use her bødy but she had always said no. The actress urged young women interested in acting in Nollywood to take care of their appearance and to never compromise their morals for a role.

I’ll be completely forthright with you: everyone was eager to get their hands on the bødy. The attràctive secretary, the girl who stéals the guy, and the girl who stéals the husband were all roles that people wanted me to portray. I’m fortunate, that much is true. Uduak Isong was my gateway into the industry. I never had to deal with the stigma of having to sléep with a producer in exchange for a position, and I personally have never done so. She was more of a mother figure to me when I first started out. Her words.

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