I Like A Man With A Good Heart, God-Fearing And Intelligent-Jackie Appiah

One of the most popular Ghanaian actresses has reveals the kind or type of man she wants to be in a relationship with. Actress Jackie Appiah has revealed the traits and things he looks out for in a man before giving her approval to a relationship or, in simple terms, say ‘YES’ to a man’s proposal.

Jackie, who went all interactive with a Gino sponsored Valentine’s Day clip, talked about her her past relationship experiences with regards to her how dating life had been and her preferences in men.

According to the actress, who admitted that she loves being pampered, she wants a man with a good heart, intelligent, and God-fearing.

Men who would want to have the actress in their lives as a fiancée or wife preferably will do well to take note of these three requirements before asking her out or making the approach.


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