I Planned To Date My Ex’s Dad As Revenge But I’ve Fallen For Him-Lady Cries Out

A young Ghanaian is confused after ex-boyfriend’s father proposed marriage to her. In a video spotted by Yen.com.gh on the TikTok handle of Citi, the anonymous lady who revealed her situation to the “Sister Sister” team on City TV said it all started when she plotted revenge against her former boyfriend by dating his father as payback for dumping her.

The lady stated that she was initially excited about getting even with ex-boyfriend by dating his father, who was her boss at work.

She admitted that as time went on, she realized how strong her bond with the old man had become.

She claims that her ex-boyfriend’s divorced father has made a marriage proposal. To prevent the marriage from happening, his family has vowed to oppose the decision. The narrator concludes that she is unprepared to become a wife and prefers to carry on as a lover.

However, she is confident she won’t leave her newfound love, so she seeks guidance on her best course of action.

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