“I’m Mäturéd Now”: Funny Face’s Baby Mama Admits She Wants Him Back

The ex-löver of Ghanaian comedian Funny Face, Vanessa Nicole, opens up about her desire to reconcile with the beløved actor. Despite their separation, Vanessa expresses her willingness to give their relationship another chance if Funny Face extends the opportunity.

” A woman cannot mârry a man, it is a man who mârries a woman, so whether we end up together or not, he decides to make,” she said.

Vanessa’s devotion to their children shines through as she offers to bring them for visits whenever Funny Face requests. She emphasizes her commitment to spending quality time with the kids during their stay, showing her dedication to fostering a healthy family dynamic.

Addressing concerns about Funny Face’s past struggles, Vanessa firmly believe in his transformation and assures everyone that he would never harm her if they reunite.

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