“I’m Pregnant For A Guy I Work With Whiles I’m Still With My Husband, They Are Both Not Aware” Ghanaian Lady Shares Her Story Asking For Help

Ghanaian lady emotionally shares her sad story asking for help how to go by her situation.

“I met him while I was a waitress at a nightclub he frequented. He used to give me huge tips and we ended up in bed together. He never asked me to be his girlfriend. I got pregnant and wanted to abort but he asked me to keep the baby.

The guy made me quit my job and asked me to move in with him. I was studying and in school and he continued to pay for my studies after I quit my job.

My baby was born and we continued to stay together. He even hired a helper so I could concentrate on my studies. I graduated last year and fortunately got a job shortly afterward. I met a guy at work and we fell in love. I told him I was staying with my baby daddy and he said he was cool with it.

Now I am six weeks pregnant with my second baby and my colleagues is the father. My first baby daddy is a cool guy but I never loved him. My colleague is emotionally available and he understands me.

None of them know about the pregnancy. What would you do in my situation?

This is the story she shared asking for help. Comment below your thought.

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