I’m Pregnant For My Man Of 2 Years But His Mon Says He Díéd 5 Years Ago-Lady Reveals

Ghanaian lady reveals an unthinkable story about her life that seems impossible but possible. The lady says she has been dating a ghost for over two years with knowing who was.

After dating her boyfriend for two years, a young Ghanaian lady opted to meet his mother for the first time. She got to speak with the woman, only for her to start crying uncontrollably.

The woman said her son passed away five years ago. The lady returned to the man’s house and tried reaching him on the phone, but he was nowhere to be found.

The lady said that she is four months pregnant with her partner, who she has been with for the past four years, while telling the story to Naa Ashorkor of Asaase Radio.

This should be a lesson the young ladies out there chasing guys they know nothing about because of money. Before you start a relationship with any guy or lady, please make sure to do a little investigation because things are happening.

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