“I’m Still Waiting”- When Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Was Accused Of Making False Promises

According to a report by The Sun in February 2022, the Spanish model and influencer was accused by Patricia of neglecting her family and failing to fulfill a promise to help her children.

Patricia, the daughter of convicted drug dealer Jorge Rodriguez, who also fathered Georgina and her sister Ivana, aired her grievances on Spanish television. She claimed that Georgina had cut her off after the death of their father in 2019.

“I’m happy it’s gone well for Georgina, but I’d like her to take me into account, to not forget I exist,” Patricia said. “She said for example she was going to help me with my children’s school books and I’m still waiting.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son Mateo with the Real Madrid shirt in Georgina’s series. 🤍
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While Georgina did not directly address Patricia in her response, the 28-year-old left no doubt as to who she was referring to with her heartfelt Instagram message.

Thanking her family, she wrote:

“Thanks to my mum and my sister Ivana for accompanying me on this journey in life, because we have always been a little family of three, but this has made us become unconditional and inseparable. Thanks mum for instilling in us the values you have, the ones we cannot live without today. Love and respect.”

The CR7 Timeline.

Georgina Rodriguez:

“I always refuse Ronaldo to help me with the housework because it is very hard and I always tell him that I will take care of everything.”

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Georgina Rodriguez also took the opportunity to express her gratitude to Netflix and her fans, as ‘I Am Georgina’ became one of the streaming platform’s top programs following its airing in January 2022.

The show chronicles her rags-to-riches story and delves into the emotions surrounding her father’s death but does not mention his criminal past or even Patricia.

This isn’t the first time Patricia has leveled accusations against her step-sister, but has remained silent for nearly four years since she first revealed the issue, according to The Sun.

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