Just In: “I Need A Strøng Man Who Can Chøp Me To My S@tisfactiøn”-Ghanaian Lady Cries For Help-(Watch Video)

A beautiful Ghanaian lady emotionally shares her story on social media seeking for help from netizens. Bloggers have taken the video and now is trending on all social media platforms. They lady is seriously seeking for help and asking if there is any strong man around to help her out.

“Ever since I was born, I’ve never met a man who is strong enough to chøp me to my s@tisfactiøn. They just come and waste my time. I want someone who can chøp me for me to feel it in my heart. So where ever you are of you think you have what it takes to face me just come. I’m pleading with you.” -she said.

The làdy began by showing her héavy børtoz before adding what ever she wanted to say. Everything shows she has what it takes to survive any røunds.

Watch the video and share your opinion on what she is saying. Or if you think you have what it takes to face her comment below for us to notify her.


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