Just In: Wife Knøcks Husband Uncønscîøus As She C@tchés Him In Bëd With Anøther Wømán-(Watch Video)

A Zimbabwean woman reportedly brut@lized her unfaithful husband after she caught him with another woman on their matrimonial bëd.

It was gathered that the lady, who was at her place of work, got information that her husband was home with his side chick. She quickly went home and on getting there, she found him in béd which made her unleash great fury on him. It was reported that the lady descended on him, pummélling him till he pàssed out completely.

Eyewitnesses report that the wife didn’t harm the other lady as she was more focused on dealing with her husband. The other lady was able to make it out of the house by gathering her clothes in her arms and running off. In a video shared, the wife was seen pummélling the man which caused him a bløody nose as he continued to plead with her to stop.

That, however, didn’t faze her as she gave him a good béating that knøcked him off. The video of the incident is unable to be uploaded due to the violent content.

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