Kendall Jenner’s Friends Opinion On Her Relationship With Bad Bunny Goes Viral

A source gave Us Week by week an interesting update on Kendall Jenner and Terrible Rabbit’s relationship after a post Jenner shared to Instagram ignited separation bits of gossip. Jenner and Rabbit are supposedly as yet dating, however Jenner’s companions don’t see the pair as a “until the end of time” couple.

The source made sense of, “Kendall’s companions don’t think she’ll be with Terrible Rabbit for eternity. In spite of the separation reports, they are as yet seeing one another, however [Kendall’s pals] don’t see a tremendous flash between them or any drawn out potential. In the event that Kendall’s blissful, they’re glad for her, however they’ve seen her more joyful before in past connections.”

The source referred to Jenner’s last relationship with Devin Booker, who she dated for north of two years. Booker and Jenner separated for good in fall 2022. Jenner proceeded to begin dating Rabbit in February 2023. “Honestly, some of them are subtly trusting she reunites with Devin once more,” the source said. “That is who they feel fit her the best and who caused her to feel the most joyful as they would like to think.”

Jenner and Rabbit have kept their relationship totally hidden. Jenner’s last Instagram, highlighting a dusk and a “how’s affected me, will basically track down me” subtitle, started alerts among fans that something occurred in her relationship. Jenner didn’t address their interests, which doesn’t come as a major shock given her set of experiences of hushing up about her adoration life.

Jenner made sense of that choice in June: “I attempt [to] find the equilibrium of keeping things hidden and keeping things consecrated, [and] additionally not letting the appalling disappointment and stress of everybody attempting to get in on it prevent me from partaking in my side. Does that check out? I’ll make a special effort to get things done as secretly as conceivable on the grounds that I simply feel that that is the better approach to managing connections at any rate.”

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