Lady Shares Her Most Embárrä$sing $éx Experiënce On Social Media

A lot of things are going on underground, a lady shares her most embarrässing s3x moment on social media.

” I had this guy I only méet with for s3x. He’s married but clàimed his wife døesn’t sätisfy him sëxuälly. He gives me nothing less than N100k each time we meet for s3x. One day, we were having s3x and he asked whose pu$$y is this? I didn’t answer him at first because the question véxed me.

How will someone that has a wìfe at home be asking me such a question? The fact that you give me money doesn’t mean you own my pu$$y bro.

He asked again twice and I was totally embärrässed and irritáted. That’s how he said he would give me N300k if I tell him he owns it, I was just shouting it’s your pu$$y till we finished hàving s3x. That was quite embärrässing but anything for the mulläaaa!.” – the young lady shares

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