Lucky Bøy Use GH¢10 To Wín GH¢900,000 In Spørts Béttíng, But His Father Is Ängry And Said This

A 19-year-old boy has struck gold by winning almost GH¢900,000 through sports bétting with just GH¢10 bet. In a twist of events, his father has requested him to return the money.

Unimpressed by sports bétting, the boy’s father believes that this form of gämbling is not something he supports and wants the winnings to be sent back to the betting company.

“My 19-year-old kid bro won almost GH¢900,000 with GH¢10 and my dad is insísting he returns the money because he doesn’t support gämbling despite explaining and showing him the slip, he’s still insisting.

Our rent is due in two months, now it has cause íssués between him and mum. Kindly advise” his brother writes.

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