Man Breaks Down, Refuses To Go To Work After Lady Who Travelled Abroad Dumped Him

Love is pain indeed. A young man opens up about the heart-wrenching breakup he experienced when his girlfriend broke up with him after moving abroad. He stated that they had prayed and fasted together, hoping for her success  in obtaining an American visa.

Their dreams seemed within reach when she finally acquired the visa. Still, as soon as she obtained the coveted visa, she promised him that distance would never be an obstacle, assuring him of their persistent connection through a carefully planned communication schedule.

In a soul-baring tweet, he reveals that his once-cherished calls and texts were left unanswered as weeks passed and she settle into her new life overseas.

To make matters worse, she went on to block him on every social media platform, leaving him shattered and confused. The pain was so intense that it affected his work, causing him to almost face disciplinary actions.

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