Man City Superstar Is Facing Two Years In Prison For Doing This To A Girl In A Bar

Man City star filmed flashing and grinding up against woman in afternoon boozing session

Manchester City defender Kyle Walker could be in hot water after being filmed drunkenly flashing and grinding up against a woman in a bar in an afternoon drinking session.

The England international is undoubtedly a fine player, but keeps getting himself in trouble with tabloid stories like this, with this latest incident caught on CCTV.

The Sun have obtained images of Walker, who is married, exposing himself in a bar, and getting very up close and personal with a woman whilst heavily drinking in the afternoon.

It could be that Walker will now be quizzed about this by police, with indecent exposure like this carrying the punishment of a potential two-year prison sentence.

Teresa Parker, of Women’s Aid, said last night: “Whether done to shock, for a so-called laugh, or to intimidate, for those affected by indecent exposure there can be long-term effects, upset and trauma.

“It can give the person exposing themselves a sense of power in the situation.

“And if there are no repercussions, it possibly gives them the confidence to see what they can get away with next time.”

This is certainly not what Pep Guardiola will want from his players in the middle of a close title race with Arsenal.

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