Man Claims He Is Jesus Christ Turns Water To Tea During A Wedding Ceremony-Watch Video

A man who claims to be Jesus Christ the song of the living God turns water to tea during a wedding ceremony. He is trying to show the world he is the true Jesus since everyone is aware of the miracles Jesus Christ performed in the Holy Bible.

New revelations about the life of Mwalimu Yesu wa Thangole, a guy from Bungoma who claims to be the true Jesus Christ and has gained a large following by performing ‘miracles’, have emerged.

According the the man, he has a divine mission, and God gave him the name as well as some instructions to spread the gospel over the world.

“Many people ask me if I am the actual Christ, and I assure them that I am… “Jesus is not for one country, but for the entire world,” he said in a recent interview with Afrimax English.

Mwalimu Yesu, like Jesus in the Bible, has 12 disciples. Claimed Jesus turns water to tea during a wedding ceremony.

His disciples dress in garments that wrap them from head to toe, and they always kneel to adore Mwalimu Yesu as he reads the Bible.

His devotees claims that he has done more ‘miracles’ than the Jewish Jesus. “I totally think this man is Jesus; he heals and delivers; one fan declared.

The self-proclaimed Christ argues that the “Lamb’s wife’ writing  in the Bible gives him authority to marry and have children.

During a wedding ceremony in Bungoma, Kenya, he recently went viral for turning water into tea.

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