Man United Star Encourages People To Keep Criticising Cristiano Ronaldo After Recent Behaviour

Bruno Fernandez tells people to keep criticizing Cristiano Ronaldo as it brings the best out of the Portugal striker.

Speaking about Ronaldo after the match, Fernandez said that Ronaldo likes criticism as it brings the best out of him and said everything is good with the national team.

Former Manchester star Cristiano Ronaldo opened his World Cup account on Thursday and in the aftermath of the clash, Portugal teammate Bruno Fernandez has asked people to keep criticizing the superstar because it gets the best out of the striker.

“I think he likes to work under that criticism from everyone, so I pray all of you to keep doing that because he gets the best of himself when you guys do that,” Fernandez said through ESPN.

“It was a dream come true to play with him in the national team and the club also, and that is something amazing.

“I still share the space with him in the national team and the main thing for me is that Portugal does the best we can in the tournament because if we do it, Cristiano will be happy, I will be happy and everyone in Portugal will be happy for us.” He added.

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