Megan Thee Stallion Adopts A New Fashion Style That Rocks Better Than Those She Used To Rock-See Photos


American rapper Megan Thee Stallion is changing her fashion sense little by little. The rapper used to dressed expøsïng some parts of her body, show she is changing and dressing decently.

Megan Thee Stallion’s rise to prominence over the past few years has been underscored by her fashion evolution. At awards ceremonies like the BET Hip Hop Awards and American Music Awards, the Houston Hot Girl might show up in either a Von Dutch shirt and denim cutoffs, fishnets and pink camouflage chaps, or opera gloves and gowns. And once the campaigns started rolling in—first with Coach and most recently with Calvin Klein—the musician was cemented in her position in the culture as an all-American icon.

Her music videos are a source of beauty and style inspiration, and as much as her sense of fashion has evolved from that of a rising rapper to a glam goddess, her hair style has evolved just the same. She’s not afraid to give a hot pink, baby blue, or deep purple color a try, and she often does her own makeup for both day-to-day and on-set shoots. In honor of her four nominations at the 2021 Grammy Awards, here are at some of her best looks.

Megan Thee Stallion is known for her confidence, sensuality, and explicit lyrics. She presents her s3xuality throughout her lyrics, videos, and live performances. In an interview with Pitchfork she stated, “It’s not just about being s3xy, it’s about being confident and me being confident in my s3xuàlity.’ On her Texas rap origins, she told Rolling Stone, “I don’t feel like we ever really had a female rapper come from Houston or Texas and shut shit down. So that’s where I’m coming from.”

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