Nigerian Actress Destiny Etiko Spotted Serving Fans With Her Amazing Bøotylicious Bødy-(Watch Video)

Nigerian actress Destiny Etiko spotted on social media displaying her heävy løaded goods to her fans. The actress is trending because of the photos and video she posted on Instagram showing her amazing figure.

Destiny Etiko is indeed a drama doll not only on screen, but also, in real life. In a viral video posted on her Instagram page during the week, the bootylicious actress got her 5 million followers rolling on the floor with laughter while she was smiling to the bank.

The actress complained bitterly about being harassed because of the size of bøobs. She said that she had got several uncomplimentary remarks from people advising her to get breäst reduction.

Speaking in her native dialect, the busty actress warned her critics to desist from disturbing her, wondering why her bøobs should give them headache. She said she was sick and tired of receiving unsolicited advice from people about her boøbs.

But unknown to many, the viral video was a marketing strategy to attract patronage for a particular female bra distributed by an online store. Etiko can’t stop amazing her fans!

Watch the video:

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