Nigerians Are About To Take All Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records made the biggest mistake of their existence by reminding Nigerians that they exist, and now, Nigerians are taking up the challenge to make or break those records for leisure.

Someone from my state again, John Obot , is about to make (or break) the record for the longest time a person ever read aloud. He will be reading 25 novels for 145 hours.

Do you even realize that we’re Nigerians? The volume of books we read just to make it through Secondary and tertiary education, the average person overseas hasn’t read in their lifetime.

No exaggeration.

GWR is not ready for what’s coming. Nigerians alone will own an entire section of your website in just one year.

You’re playing with people that casually endanger their lives every day just for the fun of it:

We climb roofs without cables;

we board and alight from moving vehicles every day (even our kids can do this);

we remove items from the fire with our bare hands;

we sit in one spot and down 3 crates of beer between 4 people;

to peel off electrical wiring, we literally chew the wire open;

our kids make local fireworks that go off so loudly, it could be mistaken for teπorist attacks overseas;

we weed 15 acres of farmland manually without gloves;

to siphon fuel into our car or generator tanks, we draw it first into our mouth, ingest a bit to check if it’s unleaded petrol, then we let the pipe continue;

some of us have carried the malaria parasite in our bodies for so long, we should now be donating blood samples to the United Nations to test us for immortality. At a point, when the parasite doesn’t see any drugs forthcoming, it just hisses and leaves on its own;

to know if rechargeable batteries are still good to use, guess what we do? WE LICK THEM!!! Yes, we taste the charges!

That’s the nation you’re playing with.

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