Nigerians Blast Hilda Baci For Only Thanking Them On Live Video For Supporting Her Make History For Herself

Nigerians blast Hilda Baci for only thanking them on live video instead of her going to some of their food joint and help prepare food for them for supporting her during her cooking marathon. This is what some of them said after she went on live appreciating their support.

“Dear Hilda Baci, thanking us on live video is not enough for all the support we gave you, we hyped you for 100 hours, some of us came to the ground to support you while most of us burnt our data to make sure we witness your victory, Nne you’ll agree with me that it’s not easy. Please don’t just give us a mere appreciation or saying your mom is praying for us with the #NSPPD family.

My advice is, declare a national cooking festival in the 36 states of Nigeria, come to each state and cook for us that’s when we’ll know that you’re truly appreciative of what we did for you.

Which one is thank you guys without food? Abeg no be so dem dey do things o, on behalf of Nigerians we reject your mere appreciation, we want food if not we’ll not support the next record you want to break o. I hope I’m saying everyone’s mind???”

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