Obroni (Whiteman) Sent To Preach The Gospel Spotted Selling Ice Cream, Ghanaians React-Watch Video

Ghanaians reacted as a white man sent from the United State to preach the gospel to them was spotted selling ice cream. The funny thing is that he is very serious about what he is doing and he is trying to learn the local language.

This clearly shows the hustle in Accra is real. If you leave in Accra the capital of Ghana and you are not doing anything that will be putting money in your pocket then forget about staying for long.

Ghanaians are crying and now the foreigners are also hustling to get money to feed themselves.

But if you watch the video carefully, you will see that he wasn’t the one selling the ice cream but he was rather helping someone to carry the ice cream in other to get the chance to preach the gospel to them.

Netizens misinterpreted the watch they saw rather than what happened in the video.

Watch the video

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